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make up

make up = maquillarse
‘it takes her more than an hour to make up before going on stage’
‘She spends ages making herself up’

‘… I’m not wearing any make-up, won’t hide who I am,
I’ll be what I am.  I’m just being honest with my self once again
I’m my only friend … ‘

make (sth) up = inventar algo (a story, an excuse); formar; preparar; recuperar
‘He made up an excuse for being late’

‘Proteins are made up of aminoacids’‘Women make up 57% of the student population’
‘The pharmacist made up the prescription’ – ‘the bed is already made up’
‘We need to make up lost time’

make up for sth/doing sth = compensar algo/por haber hecho algo
‘she’s making up for lost time’

make up (with sb) = [hacer las paces (con alguien)] be friends again, bury the hatchet, declare a truce, make peace, forgive and forget, shake hands, become reconciled, settle one’s differences, mend fences, call it quits

‘Have you made up with your sister yet?’

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make or do

to do a favour, an exam, exercise, homework, housework, some studying, your job, the shopping, an experiment, …

to do the the ironing, the dishes, the cleaning,  …. but to make your bed, breakfast, lunch, a cake…

to make a decisión, a mistake, a choice, a comment, a call, friends, arrengements, plans, money, love, a deal with, …


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