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more with … ‘mind’

make up your mind (MUYM) = decide, make a decision
‘He made up his mind to attend the meeting’
I am having trouble making up my mind what to order.

‘… Why don’t you make up your mind
Stop wasting all my time …
… So tell me what’s on your mind
Don’t you keep me waiting all the time’

Lyrics: Make up your mind – Aurra

change your mind

keep someone or something in mind and
bear someone or something in mind
= remember and take into account
When you’re driving a car, you must bear security in mind at all times’

have something on your mind = be troubled by the thought of something, to be obsessed with someone or something
Chocolate is always on his mind
He has Mary on his mind every minute

have someone or something in mind = to think about someone or something as being right for a particular situation
‘Do you have anyone in mind for the job?’
‘I thought we might eat out tonight.’ ‘Where did you have in mind?’
‘I have in mind to sell the house.’

speak your mind = express your feelings or opinions frankly
‘Please let me speak my mind, I don’t like it’
‘She’s not afraid to speak her mind, even if it upsets people.’


be in two minds

to be in two minds:
to be unable to decide between alternatives; be undecided about something
(North America: be of two minds)
(+ whether )I was in two minds whether or not to come this afternoon.
(+ about ) ‘Residents are of two minds about new traffic restrictions in the area.’
… I’m in two minds about it
I was in two minds about whether I should go or not.’
I was in two minds whether to write this blog or not.

‘Cause I told you too many times
It’s the little things that count which can make someone feel special
I think you’re always in two minds Continue reading “be in two minds”

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